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Example of Same Day Teeth


It is usually the treatment of choice for those who have many failing or missing teeth and who want to avoid troublesome dentures.

It typically involves removing all remaining teeth, placing 4-6 dental implants and fitting a fixed implant supported bridge all on the same day.

This avoids having to wear dentures as a temporary phase during healing or having no teeth at all. This provisional bridge is replaced with a final acrylic or porcelain bridge typically 3-6 months later, once all healing is complete.

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cover and two inside pages of Same Day Teeth Booklet

Case Study - Same Day Teeth

Nicky had 28 teeth and not one filling but knew of a gum problem. She was suffering from advanced gum disease and had been having intense hygiene treatment for years. Advanced gum disease is a process where the bone around the teeth in the jaw bone recedes back, usually for years before people realise it’s happening. Teeth can start to move and even fall out. Gums are usually but not always (like with Nicky) inflamed, sore, receded and bleed easily when brushing.

Finally Nicky had enough of constant discomfort from her gums and not being able to eat in comfort. Although from looking at Nicky’s teeth and gums the extent of her problem was not obvious she had advanced gum disease and would certainly have lost all her teeth years earlier only for the intense hygiene treatment previously carried out. Same day Teeth was carried out for Nicky. Note at no point during Nicky’s treatment did she ever have to leave the practice with missing teeth.

Nicky's Presentation


Same Day Teeth is a treatment were all teeth (may be top, bottom or both) are removed, 4-6 dental implants are placed and a bridge is made and attached to the implants all on the same day.

These photos show firstly the bridge Nicky leaves with on the day of her treatment. Her teeth have been removed, a total of 8 implants placed and top and bottom bridges screwed into the implants on the same day.

Final Bridge

The initial, temporary bridge needs to be replaced 4-6 months later once the gums have healed and implants have integrated with the surrounding bone. We also have an opportunity to improve the appearance again. Note Liam wanted to give Nicky a smile with more narrow teeth compared to her temporary bridge.