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Example of Complex Dentistry

smile before
smile final

Complex dentistry is when a case involves two or more procedures. Some people seek general advice on how they can best deal with either failing teeth, failing crowns, big and small gaps, gum disease or just want to freshen up their smile. Many cases are completed with a combination of crowns, veneers, bridges and/or bridges. Their treatment may also involve root canal fillings, hygiene treatment, bone and/or sinus grafting or orthodontics. The aim of treatment is always to provide a natural looking restoration regardless of what the restoration is and if different restorations then make them look the same as each other.

Case Study - Complex Dentistry

lady smiling showing tempory teeth

Jacqui was fed up with how her teeth looked and wanted to freshen up her smile. She presented with a long history of treatment over the years and on presentation nothing matched and proportions of her teeth were all wrong. Unfortunately for her to improve things she presented with several problems:

  • Infections in three teeth
  • Missing back teeth
  • Proportions of her teeth were wrong
  • Not enough bone for dental implant/s at the back

Following careful assessment she had infections in two of her front teeth and several missing back teeth. Her complex dentistry treatment plan involved:

  • Hygiene treatment
  • Two root canal fillings
  • Tooth extraction
  • Sinus graft
  • Dental implant retained bridge
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Porcelain bridge

The aim was to provide a much improved appearance by balancing the proportions of her teeth and improving her bite by providing her with some new back teeth.


As you can see the proportions of her teeth were all wrong and needed to be changed. Initial root canal fillings and hygiene treatment was planned first as well as a sinus graft and implant to give the support for some new back teeth.

smile before
smile before treatment


The sinus graft graft was completed and new temporary teeth placed to give Jacqui an idea of how her final teeth would look. Obviously she was delighted and final teeth were made by combing numerous types of restorations

x-ray showing sinus graft
close up of smile with temporary teeth
final smile once treatment is complete

This case shows a combinations of crowns, veneers and implants. The challenge is to create a restoration that look the same as each other.