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Example of Porcelain Veneers


One of my favourite cases….
Implants, crowns and veneers!” Who can tell the difference?

Cosmetic dentistry (also known as Aesthetic dentistry) is an evolving treatment that may involve changing the colour, shape, size, position as well as health and function. The treatment options can be used in isolation or in combination with one or more others.

This site will show only porcelain crowns and veneers and is not implying these are the only or best option.

Porcelain veneers and crowns are a fantastic way to improve the colour, size, position and can be completed in a matter of one week.

Four important stages are involved for any respected cosmetic dentist:

  1. Visualise your ideal tooth position in relation to your smile and lower lip
  2. Create a wax model to replicate this vision
  3. Carefully prepare and temporise you’re teeth in the ideal position
  4. Copy the approved temporary teeth with the final porcelain restorations

Case Study - Cosmetic Dentistry

Meet Kayrn: She came to see Liam 10 years ago frustrated because she upper front veneer kept falling off. Immediately it was identified she had signs she clenched her teeth and as a result teeth were worn and short. The treatment completed was a gum lift and combination of 10 crowns and veneers. This allowed Liam to finally correctly her bite, improve the size and colour of her teeth and give a fantastic result.


Photographs and videos allow us to analyse someones smile much better than in person. Liam knew the teeth were too short but also noted the edges of Karyns teeth were actually in a good position. Therefore we needed to make the upper teeth longer by altering the position of her gums. To improve appearance of the final teeth a gum lift was completed as part of the treatment.

Temporary Teeth

We always want patients to leave with a “trail smile” before asking our technicians to complete any porcelain work. Here Karyn had her teeth prepared and carefully crafted temporary teeth were made on the same day to have for several days to give her a chance to evaluate her potential new smile.

Final Teeth

Karyns final teeth was a combination of veneers and crowns and she looks fantastic. Cosmetic dentistry.