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Example of Multiple Dental Implants


Multiple dental implants are used when the patient is having problems with several missing teeth and not every tooth will need to have an implant to support it.

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Case Study - Multiple Dental Implants

Mike had years of failing teeth and then crowns that kept either falling out or loosening. He was getting very frustrated with having to go back to his dentists almost weekly and wanted to explore a different option. He also knew he was a heavy grinder which he knew was not helping.

male mouth showing missing front teeth and requiring multiple dental implants
male mouth after recieving multiple dental implants

Five upper anterior crowns had fractured and it was decided these should be replaced with multiple dental implants and a five tooth bridge. His treatment involved carefully removing the teeth, placing the required number of implants on the same day and fixing Mike with an immediate temporary bridge. This bridge was replaced 3 months later with a final porcelain bridge.